My Recruitment background

In my first years as a recruiter, I worked at a Recruitment & Selection and Secondment agency within technology, active in the Achterhoek and Liemers region. Here I went from working with practically trained technicians to filling vacancies at MBO, HBO and WO level. Eventually I moved on to recruiting expats and setting up a label that specialized in this.

After having had two experiences as a Corporate Recruiter, I dare to say that I have seen a number of important parts of the profession. What do I prefer to do? Well, I'd prefer to sit in the middle. I work as an external recruiter in which I place candidates with a client, and I receive a certain amount of commitment in return. I manage the processes and do (part of) the follow-up. You could call it exclusivity.

If I have the opportunity to sink my teeth into a specific vacancy or vacancy group, with a degree of trust and exclusivity, then I have shown that I can fill a large number of the vacancies. How do I do that? You can read more via the button below!

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my personal background

I am about to

embark on a fully remote lifestyle, about which I am starting to write a blog

I am reading

the Black Swam by Nassim Nicolas Taleb (for the second time )

I am listening to

the Diary of a CEO, a podcast on lifestyle and self-improvement

I joined

Remote Professionals, a Business Club with fellow recruiters, of which many work hybridly or remotely;

Personally, adventure, specifically discovering new places and cultures abroad, has always appealed to me. From my first 1-week exchanges in Austria and Romania it was a hit. I decided to do a Minor in Helsinki, Finland, before I managed to arrange an internship in Sydney, Australia. After working in the Netherlands for a number of years, I went to study in Jönköping, Sweden. After completing my Masters, I went to live in Budapest, Hungary. From September to December 2023 I traveled through Europe full-time. I have now been living in Reykjavík, Iceland for six months.

Besides traveling, I love learning new languages ​​and gaining new knowledge. I read a lot and enjoy watching documentaries on various topics. Lately I have been more concerned with Social Media and investing. In terms of sports, I occasionally play a game of Squash or Padel and I often swim in one of the many pools here in Reykjavík.

Sustainability is an important topic for me, where possible in my life I try to make sustainable choices. Ultimately, it is a dream of mine to add sustainability to my working life as a Recruiter. Anyone have an idea how? I'm always open to a cup of coffee!

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